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Leading Carrier with Customer Satisfaction
Pan Ocean’s container service focuses on the routes among Korea, Japan, and China, and extends the coverage to Hong Kong and the South China Sea. We will provide customers with extensive and competitive services through leveraging our specialized shipping knowhow and continuing investments in the fleet. Since the launch of routes between Korea and Japan in 1973 and Korea and China in 1994, Pan Ocean has established a solid position as a coastal carrier in the container service market. As of April 2016, we are operating six containerships in 20 routes connecting Korea, Japan, and China.
Pan Ocean plans to restart its container service in the routes of Southeast Asia including Vietnam and Thailand where the economy is rapidly growing by capitalizing on previous service experiences in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. To this end, we are making a concerted effort to enhance service competitiveness and marketing activities with new establishments of an IT system named EasyCon and an independent CRM system.
Enforces a global network service
Our container service is committed to fleet expansion, efficient fleet operation, and punctual scheduled operation. We also spare no efforts for developing new routes and reinforcing our global network services to actively respond to customers’ diverse demands. By fulfilling these commitments and plans, we will leapfrog into an Intra-Asia leading carrier.

Major Cargo

  • All loadable cargo

Service Route

Container Service Route

  • Korea-China
  • Korea-Japan
  •  Asia
Container Service Route