Pan Ocean

Laying the Foundation For Green Management

STX Pan Ocean has been pursuing cutting-edge effective environmental management in an attempt to tackle the problems of climate change and generate value for corporate sustainability at the same time. It set up the goal of 20% reduction of per-vessel GHG(green house gas) emissions from 2009 level by 2014, and organized“green environment team”in November, 2010, whose objective is to design strategies and action plans to respond proactively on environmental issues.

Operating Results & Financial Status

Operating Results & Financial Status
Energy Consumption(TOE) GHG Emissions Toxic Gas Emissions(TON)
Category (㎥) Fuel Oil Electricity (ktCO₂e) NOx SOx Dust *
2008 13,912 390,690 568 1,231 34,134 22,931 -
2009 14,245 458,777 545 1,543 41,441 25,258 3,131
2010 10,760 512,640 446 1,719 45,023 28,187 3,494
* No data is available about toxic dust emissions in 2008
  • Calculation of dust emissions volume is based on the emission coefficient used in document IMO MEPC59 INF.10
  • The data sets of energy consumption, GHG emissions, and Toxic gas emissions are readjusted based on the data set certified by Korea Register of Shipping
  • Calculation method of energy consumption : Fuel oil(liter) x 0.99(conversion factor), Electricity(kWh) x 0.215(conversion factor)