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STX Pan Ocean is expending efforts to fulfill its responsibilities and duties as a member of society by examining the impacts of social and environmental issues on STX Pan Ocean's business and concerned individuals through continuous cooperation and a variety of social contribution activities. Henceforth, the company will ensure its sustainability through management innovation, transparent management and internal management stability and participate in social contribution activities that improve environmental and social values.

For more information concerning the orientation and policies regarding sustainable management at the STX Business Group level, refer to the STX Business Group's Sustainable Management Report.

STX GROUP`s Sustainable Management Report
2011 Sustainability Report 표지

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STX PAN OCEAN 지속가능경영보고서

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2009 Sustainability Report 표지

STX PAN OCEAN 지속가능경영보고서

2009  English e-Book (Popup)
2009  English e-Paper (Popup)
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