Pan Ocean

Leading the Ocean & Beyond - The world is Pan Ocean’s stage. Pan Ocean sails to every corner of the world with your dreams loaded aboard our ships.

  • Overview - Introduces Pan Ocean, a global shipping company representing Korea.
  • History - Pan Ocean has been achieving continuous growth through incessant challenges.
  • Vision - Pan Ocean is leaping forward toward becoming a leading global shipping company.
  • Ship Information - Provides information on the ships Pan Ocean owns and operates.

An enterprise growing on the trust of customers - Pan Ocean will become a leader in the shipping and logistics business by increasing the value of the company and shareholders based on substantial and transparent management."

  • Major Financial Status - Financial information covering the past three years, including status of assets, etc.
  • Analyst Report - Download reports prepared by the analysts of securities firms.
  • Annual Report - Browse our annual report in various forms, such as eBook and ePaper
  • Stock Price - Browse real time information on Pan Ocean’s stock price.

The moment your dream meets the sea - With your endless challenges and unlimited potential, Pan Ocean sails toward a greater future."

  • Social Responsibility - Pan Ocean practices a policy of sharing that helps spread happiness for people of all ages.
  • Environmental Impact  Reduction - Pan Ocean has generated value for corporate sustainability at the same time.
  • Environmental Management System - For environmental protection, Pan Ocean is doing our best at the forefront of green management.
  • Environmental Management Major Achievement - Accomplished major achievement through sustainable environmental management by Pan Ocean