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Break Bulk Liner

철재, 석탄, 목재, 비료 등의 안정적인 운송 서비스를 제공합니다.

Provides stable and differentiated shipping service
By operating a fleet of various ships from small, handymax class ships to Supramax class, Pan Ocean provides stable and differentiated shipping services for break bulk cargo including steel products, coal, lumber, fertilizer, equipment and machiney through major routes covering Far East Asia, South East Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East. Break Bulk liner service refers to marine transportation services provided through designated schedules and routes. Since it began this service for the route from Korea to the west coast of the USA in 1977, Pan Ocean has achieved steady growth for 35 years, meeting the needs of customers based on its competitiveness of shipping service.
Transports cargo throughout the world, including to America, South America and Europe
Regarding steel cargo, which accounts for a large part of our break bulk liner service, our clients include major domestic and overseas steel mills such as POSCO, BAO Steel, Sinano, Angang, Nippon Steel, etc. The break bulk liner service accounted for approximately 55% of the turnover of the liner business in 2011. The company transports steel cargo worldwide, including to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and South East/West Asia, etc. In 2011, despite the generally weak bulk market, the company effectively operated its liner business with a fleet of approximately 80 ships, including chartered vessels, by transporting approximately 14 million tons of cargo through more than 500 ship voyages.
Secures long-term cargo shipping based on a COA (Contract of Affreightment)
As imports of raw materials continuously increase in newly emerging economies including China, India, the Middle East, etc., and the global economy gradually recovers, it is expected that conditions in the bulk shipping market will improve. Therefore, Pan Ocean is preparing for flexible growth in the liner business in readiness for the expected recovery in the bulk market by exerting efforts to establish a low-cost, long-term chartered fleet and to secure COAs (long-term transportation contracts) for shipping high volumes from major steel mills. In addition, the company will also expand its market activities for new market development in areas including India, South America, West Africa, etc.

Major Cargo

  • Steel, lumber

Service Route

Break Bulk Liner Service Route

Break Bulk Liner Service Route
Starting Place Destination
CHINA U.S.A. / chile / peru / brazil / mexico / canada / ecuador / panama / belgium
portugal / egypt / spain / united kingdom / jordan / italy / saudi arabia
turkey / bahrain / U.A.E. / kuwait
INDIA U.A.E. / bahrain / China
INDONESIA U.S.A. / belgium / U.A.E. / oman / qatar / saudi arabia
bahrain / china / kuwait / India / Turkey / Korea / Thailand
JAPAN U.S.A. / peru / turkey / egypt / jordan / saudi arabia / U.A.E.
KOREA U.S.A. / canada / peru / chile / brazil / mexico / panama / guatemala
honduras / costa rica / colombia / ecuador / belgium / netherlands
united kingdom / spain / slovenia / italy / turkey / saudi arabia
portugal / vietnam / greece / jordan / russia / U.A.E. / bahrain
kuwait / oman / India
KUWAIT thailand / india / china / Malaysia / Pakistan
MALAYSIA U.S.A. / mexico / u.A.E. / bahrain / qatar / oman / saudi arabia
syrian arab republic / egypt
QATAR philippines / india / china / Malaysia / Pakistan
SAUDI ARABIA india / thailand / china / malaysia / pakistan
TAIWAN U.S.A. / belgium / u.K. / sweden / spain / jordan / saudi arabia
italy / portugal / u.A.E.
U.S.A. mexico
U.A.E. china / India / Thailand / Malaysia / Pakistan
VIETNAM U.S.A. / brazil / belgium / u.K. / turkey / saudi arabia