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국내외 LNG수송 프로젝트에 적극적으로 참여하로 있습니다.

Appointed as a shipper for the Korea Gas Corporation's LNG transportation
In the gas carrier service that requires high technical skills and expertise, Pan Ocean has successfully participated in the LNG import project of KOGAS since the end of 2008. Our gas carrier service started in October 2005 when we were selected as a contractor for the KOGAS LNG transportation project. Requiring huge initial investments and considerable expertise, this business has a high entrance barrier. Instead, success in market entrance ensures stable and long-term business operation. Pan Ocean has been operating an LNG carrier named “LNG KOLT” with a capacity of 153,000 cubic meters, which was delivered at the end of December 2008, for the KOGAS LNG transportation project. The LNG KOLT transports about 1,500,000 cubic meters of LNG every year from major ports of Yemen, Qatar, Oman, and Australia to the domestic LNG terminals.
Develops new growth engines
Pan Ocean aims to expand its gas carrier service on the basis of accumulated LNG transportation experience and ship maintenance knowhow. Action plans for this plan include building operative relations with domestic and overseas customers and shippers, participating in more LNG transportation projects, and expanding the fleet. We will also make a foray into LNG Bunkering business, small-scale LNG carrier service, and other gas carrier services to secure future growth engines.

Major Cargo

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

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Gas Carrier Service Route

Gas Carrier Service Route
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