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Heavy Lifter

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Advances into the heavy lift shipping market, a market with high entry barriers
Pan Ocean is the only Korean shipping company which operates both semi-submersible vessels and geared heavy-lift vessels and thus provides integrated heavy-lift transport solutions meeting various customer needs. In 2009, Pan Ocean began its heavy-lift service which is recognized as high value-added business and performed its first milestone voyage from China to Myanmar using its semi-submersible vessel “Sun Shine.”We successfully completed the long-term contracts for Ichthys Onshore LNG Project and Panama Canal Expansion Project with the semi-submersible vessels “Sun Shine and Sun Rise”. These remarkable projects helped prove our sophisticated engineering capacity and capability. Today we are providing heavy-lift transport service to leading international and domestic EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) companies for various routes and continuously trying to expand our service area and scope. Pan Ocean aims to develop into a top leading global heavy-lift carrier on its proven engineering capability and reliable project management expertise.

Major Cargo

  • Project Cargo including large equipment, Machinery, device, etc.
  • Steel Products including Coil/Pipe/Wire Rods/Plates, etc.
  • Tug boats, Drill ships, Barge, Ocean Platforms, etc.

Service Route

Heavy Lifter Service Route

Heavy Lifter Service Route
Starting Place Destination
CHINA kuwait / india / saudi arabia / U.A.E. / saudi arabia / qatar
myanmar / angola / china
INDIA U.A.E. / taiwan / singapore / sri lanka / malaysia / thailand / taiwan
korea / saudi arabia / china / vietnam / philippines / indonesia
JAPAN india / U.A.E. / qatar / saudi arabia
KOREA India / saudi arabia / china / U.A.E. / iraq / viet nam / pakistan / bahrain / Australia
KUWAIT india
OMAN china / india
SAUDI ARABIA india / taiwan / china / philippines
SINGAPORE china / hong kong / viet nam / U.A.E. / oman / korea / pakistan
SRI LANKA brunei darussalam
THAILAND saudi arabia
U.A.E. vietnam
VIETNAM U.A.E. / india / saudi arabia
U.S.A. Singapore / Malaysia
THAILAND Australia