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Large Bulker

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Expands its worldwide service area using panamax and capesize class bulkers and VLOCs
The large bulker service is Pan Ocean’s core business that transports dry bulk cargoes including grain, coal, and iron ore from major producers to consumers throughout the world by using panamax and capesize class bulkers with more than 60,000 tons and VLOCs (very large ore carrier). Through the large bulker service, we mainly transport grain from America/Australia/South America to Asia, and coal from Australia/Indonesia/South Africa/Colombia and iron ore from Brazil/Australia to Asia and Europe. To strengthen our business competitiveness, we are striving to expand the service coverage around the world. .
Concentrates its efforts on securing long-term shipping contracts with core shippers
Major customers in the panamax service are domestic and overseas steel makers and power generation companies (KEPCO, POSCO, SAIL, COAL & OIL, TPC, TNBF), Japanese trading companies (MARUBENI, ITOCHU, MITSUI, MITSUBISHI), and grain traders (ZENNOH, ADMI, WILMAR). We operate over 50 vessels including 11 owned vessels to deliver cargoes in an efficient and reliable manner. We are also operating three exclusive vessels for KEPCO and executing a long-term carriage contract with India’s COAL & OIL GROUP, which contributes to securing profitability in the long run. Our capesize service contributes to the growth of global economy by stably supplying raw materials with a fleet of over 40 vessels including 24 owned vessels based on long-term carriage contracts with renowned steel makers, power generation companies, and mining companies such as POSCO, KEPCO, HYUNDAI STEEL, VALE, BAOSTEEL, HEBEI, ANGANG, and SHAGANG. Particularly, 8 VLOCs are assigned to the long-term contract with Brazil’s VALE and 10 capesize bulkers are operated exclusively for POSCO, KEPCO, and HYUNDAI STEEL. In the near future, four newly-built capesize bulkers including two exclusive vessels for KEPCO will be delivered. We will continue to promote fleet expansion and diversification to deliver the highest standard of shipping services to customers. .

Major Cargo

  • Grains and their byproducts, coal, iron ore, mineral, etc.

Large Bulker

Service Route

Large Bulker Service Route

Large Bulker Service Route
Starting Place Destination
ARGENTINA china / taiwan / japan
AUSTRALIA korea / japan / india / china / taiwan / Netherland / Belgium / UK / France / Turkey / Spain / Germany
BRAZIL taiwan / china / japan / korea
CANADA sri lanka / china / malaysia / korea
CHINA india
CONGO china
FRANCE egypt
INDIA china / korea
INDONESIA india / taiwan / korea / china
MEXICO italy
PERU china
CHILE china
RUSSIA egypt / korea / spain / germany
SOUTH AFRICA china / italy / croatia / india / taiwan / korea
U.S.A. korea / egypt / japan / malaysia / taiwan / sri lanka / morocco / india