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Provides high-quality tanker service using MR tankers and Chemical tankers
Pan Ocean provides high-quality tanker service that satisfies stricter international regulations on oil transportation based on accumulated knowhow in marine transportation service. Our tanker service, which boasts the largest fleet of medium range (MR) tankers in Korea, provides on-time delivery of various petrochemicals and palm oils that customers want. With this competitive edge and a solid partnership with leading global oil refineries and traders, Pan Ocean is fortifying its presence as Korea’s leading tanker service provider. We transport crude oil, naphtha, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, and heavy oil for power generation through MR tankers, and petrochemicals such as benzene, toluene, xylene, base oil, and caustic soda through chemical tankers. Major routes in this service cover the Middle East to Asia, Far East to Southeast Asia, and Southeast to Oceania. Worldwide service is also available.
Expansion of Business
A total of 12 MR tankers and 10 chemical tankers are being operated for this service. We will continue to expand the fleet to maximize our global competitiveness. Moreover, we have a plan to extend the route for transporting edible oil and fat between Southeast Asia and Korea to West Coast to Korea in the near future. Major customers in the tanker service include not only global oil majors such as SHELL, BP, EXXON, CHEVRON, and TOTAL but also renowned oil traders such as VITOL, TRAFIGURA, MERCURIA, etc. We are also providing differentiated tanker service on the basis of long-term contacts with Korea’s S-OIL, Russia’s LUKOIL, world’s largest palm oil trader WILMAR, Oman’s state-run oil corporation OTI, Japan’s trading corporation MITSUBISHI, and Korea’s food majors such as NONGSHIM, OTTOGI, SAMYANG CORPORATION, CJ, and LOTTE GROUP.

Major Cargo

  • Clean Petroleum Product (Gasoline, Gas Oil, Jet Oil, etc.), Oils amp; Fats, Chemicals (BTX, MTBE, CSS, etc.)

Service Route

Tanker Service Route

Tanker Service Route
Starting Place Destination
AUSTRALIA australia
CANADA korea
CHINA indonesia / singapore / philippines
INDIA korea / taiwan / singapore / japan / china / indonesia / malaysia / thailand
INDONESIA singapore / indonesia / germany / netherlands / u.s.a. / malaysia
china / korea / taiwan / india / thailand / saudi arabia
IRAQ korea
JAPAN singapore / malaysia / australia / hong kong
KOREA hong kong / australia / japan / mexico / u.s.a. / china / indonesia
philippines / russia / alaska
KUWAIT korea
MALAYSIA singapore / germany / netherlands / korea / bangladesh / china / pakistan
OMAN taiwan / indonesia / saudi arabia / thailand / pakistan
PHILIPPINES germany / netherlands / u.s.a. / thailand / singapore / korea
QATAR korea / japan / indonesia / singapore / china
RUSSIA korea / china / indonesia / singapore
SAUDI ARABIA korea / taiwan / philippines / japan / korea
SINGAPORE india / american samoa / fiji / new caledonia / papua new guinea
australia / new zealand / japan / china / indonesia / mozambique / south africa
kenya / vietnam / korea / thailand / taiwan / singapore / philippines
TAIWAN singapore / australia / vietnam / philippines / u.s.a.
THAILAND malaysia / south africa / singapore / korea / china
U.S.A. Panama / Mexico
U.A.E. korea / china / indonesia / taiwan / Maldives
VIETNAM u.s.a.
SINGAPORE brazil / australia / argentina
PANAMA costa rica / mexico