Pan Ocean


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Provides all types of dry bulk cargo shipping services
Pan Ocean provides dry cargo shipping services including grain, raw sugar, lumber, cement, fertilizer, scrap iron, minerals, etc., throughout the world. Tramper services refer to shipping services provided irregularly through specialized routes dictated by the shipping needs of various shippers. The company has enjoyed global competitiveness in dry bulk shipping services of all kinds with ships ranging in size from small, handymax class vessels to those in the Supramax class. With grain shipping accounting for the bulk of the tramper service industry, Pan Ocean maintains a solid market position for the Northwest Pacific route and North America route by providing a high-level marine transportation service. In addition, the company is competitive in the marine transportation of coal, iron ore, forest products, fertilizer, soda ash, cement, raw sugar, petroleum coke, sulfur, etc. In particular, the company is recognized as the world’s best shipping company in the Handymax and Supramax class services in the forest product market in Chile, as well as the dry bulk cargo market in India.
Expands its influences into the Atlantic region
Pan Ocean also transports dry bulk cargo including grain, lumber, coal, mineral, fertilizer, iron ore, etc., to the North Pacific, Oceania and South East Asia by operating a fleet of approximately 100 ships. Pan Ocean transports dry bulk cargo to North America, South America, Europe, West Africa, etc., including steel products, wood pulp, petroleum coke, cement, fertilizer, iron scrap, coal, raw sugar, grain, etc., by operating a fleet of approximately 50 ships, including seven of its own. Pan Ocean is expanding its business into the Atlantic Ocean, once considered to be the exclusive domain of European shipping companies, based on its creativity and challenging spirit and by concluding COAs (long-term transportation contracts) with strategic cargo shippers. In particular, the company got its start as a specialized wood pulp shipping business after successfully concluding a COA for a 25 year long-term contract with Fibria, a wood pulp manufacturer in Brazil, in 2010. Based on the 20 ships exclusively used for wood pulp transportation to be delivered from 2012 to 2014, Pan Ocean will fulfill stable transportation of wood pulp. The company will solidify its position as a leading global wood pulp shipping company by cooperating with the world’s top wood pulp shippers in addition to Fibria.
Develops new growth engines
Furthermore, based on long-term partnerships with major steel mills in Brazil, the company now transports more than 90% of the nation’s steel products to Asia. As a result, the company is reinforcing its business power and increasing profits in the entire Atlantic Ocean region by providing stable shipping services through COAs for the transportation of wood pulp, cement, etc.  In the Oceania region, the largest dry bulk market in the Pacific, the company is recognized as the best shipping company for transporting grain, log/lumber, minerals, fertilizer, raw sugar, etc., by operating a fleet of 50 ~ 70 ships ranging from small handy class to Super-Handymax class ships.  The company also provides tramper services in the Indian Ocean with the intention of developing a new growth engine by transporting dry bulk cargo including coal, iron ore, steel products, fertilizer, grain, bauxite, etc., and by operating a fleet of approximately 40 ships. Based on its know-how and competitiveness it has built up in the dry bulk shipping, Pan Ocean will increase its market share in the Indian Ocean with its significant growth potential.

Major Cargo

  • Grain, raw sugar, lumber, cement, fertilizer, scrap iron, minerals, etc.

Service Route

Tramper Service Route

Tramper Service Route
Starting Place Destination
ARGENTINA chile / peru / Colombia / Malaysia / Australia / Algeria
AUSTRALIA russia / india / korea / kuwait / bahrain / malaysia / vietnam
u.A.E. / indonesia / qatar / belgium / south africa / philippines
japan / new zealand / saudi arabia / jordan / bangladesh
pakistan / china / thailand
BAHRAIN australia
BELGIUM Brazil / Australia
BRAZIL china / U.S.A. / belgium / nigeria / malaysia / indonesia / u.A.E.
thailand / vietnam / angola / korea / taiwan / hong kong / philippines / france
CANADA japan / indonesia / india / korea / new zealand / spain / chile / peru
brazil / bangladesh / china
CHILE korea / china / japan / U.S.A.
CHINA australia / india / japan / nigeria / new zealand / ghana / Bangladesh
kenya / korea / pakistan
GERMANY australia
INDIA korea / china / thailand / vietnam
INDONESIA korea / china / india / pakistan / taiwan / new zealand / saudi arabia
JAPAN australia / brazil / bangladesh / india / thailand
KOREA indonesia / philippines / singapore / taiwan / nigeria / bangladesh
malaysia / india / pakistan / vietnam / sri lanka / thailand
KUWAIT australia / philippines / new zealand
LITHUANIA australia / new zealand
MALAYSIA australia / new zealand / philippines / russia / saudi arabia
MEXICO australia / korea
MOROCCO pakistan / new zealand
NAURU korea
NEW ZEALAND australia / china / india / korea / taiwan
OMAN australia / U.S.A. / india
PAKISTAN bangladesh
PERU brazil
PHILIPPINES india / china
QATAR china / australia / new zealand
RUSSIA morocco / japan / korea / thailand / hong kong / vietnam / indonesia
pakistan / india / brazil / taiwan / U.S.A. / china / sri lanka
SAUDI ARABIA australia / mozambique / tanzania, united republic of / new zealand
SOUTH AFRICA korea / india / pakistan / india / U.A.E. / brazil
SPAIN india
TAIWAN nigeria / ghana / india / bangladesh
THAILAND korea / indonesia / australia
TOGO india / south africa
U.S.A. italy / turkey / greece / tunisia / china / belgium / egypt / spain / nigeria
saudi arabia / netherlands / morocco / japan / korea / taiwan / thailand
malaysia / vietnam / australia / chile / spain / brazil / guatemala
UKRAINE malaysia
U.A.E. ghana / india / gabon / china
VIETNAM india / korea / malaysia / bangladesh / U.S.A. / japan / australia / new zealand